Planet Zar: Nexus


Very, very few individuals are actually born to Orhon. Instead it has become a sanctuary for refugees and outcasts. Orhon is the home to the majority of Anygh's amuni-euclides hybrids. They have magical protections built up around the entrance to the city, making it accessible only to hybrids. Purebreds, or even defore hybrids, are not permitted access to the city. The security around Orhon is extremely intensive. Being of such an uncommon and taboo species, Orhon has to stay protected and secretive in order for its members to survive.

Orhon is a small region, virtually unpopulated by any living thing. A few cacti and desert scrubs can be found littering the badlands, but very little stirs here. Orhon is a large expanse of dead, dry clay desert, broken up by deep canyons that seem to crack the world in two. From above, Orhon looks like the broken pieces of a clay pot, with only one small blue vein trickling through it still. It is a dead land. Hot and dry year round, where nothing can survive.

Orhon’s only population is located in a cavern system dug out from the deep canyons near the center of the province. This is Kerame, the hidden city. It is protected not only by this rugged terrain, but also powerful magic that shields it from the eyes of outsiders. Kerame is home to Anygh's tiny population of amuni-euclides hybrids, and is considered their only true safe haven from the cruelty of the world. The city itself is fed with underground streams and the small populations of insects, fish, and succulent plants that can be found in the caverns, and outside in the bad lands.


Orhon is a communist state. With such small numbers they have to look out for one another. Food and supplies must be rationed among the city. No individual is considered of greater worth than another, and all are expected to work equally hard, pulling their own in order to survive. New refugees into Orhon are quickly integrated into the lifestyle, and accepted with welcoming arms.

Orhon does have an individual they consider to be their leader, although he has no more power than any of the other citizens. He is simply referred to as 'the leper' (for obvious reasons), and is the oldest known living euclides-amuni hybrid. He is the founder of the original colony in earth, and quickly created a new one once moved to Izarn. He is extremely powerful, but does not use these powers to govern his people. He does, on the other hand, use his abilities to protect his people and their home.



Orhon is located in the bottom of a deep, dried out canyon. This makes it extremely difficult for it to be found, and even harder for someone to get to it once they know it's there.

The actually city, for it is only a city, is a labyrinth of cave systems within the canyon walls. Fresh underground springs keep the inhabitants hydrated, and there are enough small cave animals and lichens to feed its population. Orhon doesn't have any trade. They must be self sustaining in order to survive. Occasional trusted delegates are sent out to scavenge and steal from the nearby Eneis.


Rhodosand Scrubland

Located in north-western Orhon, the Rhodosand Scrubland is the only area that contains any significant amount of fauna and flora. It is a fairly small area, trapped between the western most canyon of Orhon, and fed by the nation’s only large remaining river. The scrublands are mainly clay desert and savanna, with a few species of hardy grasses and shrubs. The foliage is most notable against the river bank, where green plants actually manage to grow. Tiny flowers pepper the land around the river, along with the few fruit baring shrubs Orhon manages to support. It contains no trees and no bushes of significant size. The only large plants found here are cacti, and only in areas furthest away from the river banks, where they have no competition with other plants.

Orho Badlands

From which Orhon derives its name, the Orho badlands expand across the south-eastern half of the nation, leaving only the pocketed canyons and small Rhodosand Scrubland in their wake. They are as the name suggests, an empty desert devoid of life, where the sun beats down the hardest and no water, shade, or food might be found. They are hot. They are empty. And they most certainly guarantee the death of all those but the strongest and most determined. Very few people ever attempt to enter the Orho badlands. They contain no (discovered) valuable minerals or resources, no underground wells of precious water, and no plant or animal material that could be considered useful. The only thing one might find a lot of in here are poisonous insects and bones from those who attempted to cross, but failed.

Orho was not always such a dismal area. Like much of Orhon, it was enchanted to further protect the hidden city of Kerame. Orho was once lush and green, with many deep rivers and lakes, filled with a myriad of rare and unique animals. When the Legacy Creations were abandoned on Anygh, the Leper, the most powerful known hybrid at that time, approached Prince Kutoth himself and requested that his people have somewhere safe to live, away from the deadly teeth and claws of purebreds. Prince Kutoth agreed, and made Orhon barren and deadly, leaving the Leper to etch out his home from the rubble. Now, no one, but those who feel the call of Kerame, will enter the badlands or approach the canyons. Many who attempt it will perish, but those who succeed will be safe from the dangerous of a prejudiced world, able to live their lives in peace.