Planet Zar: Nexus




Name Americus Junge Gender Male
Species Human | [Nixe] Pronouns he/him
Age 36 Height: 9'8"
Division Navy Rank: Captain
Residence The Heimdall | The Seedrache Assignment Seedrache


Americus, and the rest of the 'Nixe' types, are one of Dr. Krum's least humanoid experiments. So mutated, in fact, that they cannot so much as live above water for lack of the ability to breathe. From the navel down, Americus is all fish, a long, shark-like body that sports wickedly jagged dorsal fins and flippers. In coloration he's a deep indigo, slashed with thick, jagged stripes of tarnished gold that continue all the way up to his humanoid skin. His fingers are elongated, with thick membranes between each to make them flipper-like, if not entirely useful for grasping things. Furthermore, he has no eyelids to speak of, only luminous golden eyes that shine like sunlight under the water. A row of seven gills line his neck, and he sports a dorsal fin in the center of his back. Apart from the general shape of his head and arms he might not be recognizably human at all.

When Americus is forced out of the water, whether it be to leave his pool on the ship, or to tread across land, he must wear a breathing apparatus. This is a huge metal contraption cinched about his ribs. It contains a tank of a clear, jelly-like substance and is connected, by pumps, to his gills (which are fully covered so as not to be exposed to the air). He cannot stay out of the water for long, though, as his skin will become very dry and he has no eyelids or lashes to protect his eyes.


For a high-ranking member of the Heimdall, Americus is quite the cheerful fellow. Where most other captains are stoic, stiff, and formal, Americus is the sort of fellow who's always ready to give a helping hand and to fool off with his sailors. He's an easygoing sort of fellow who doesn't feel like he's got a lot weighing him down. Responsibility? Everyone has that. Americus takes his with a grain of salt and refused to suffer for it. He's clever enough to keep his ship in running order, and his men in tip-top shape. If everything is going well, there's no need to panic, is there?

Americus is unusually informal with his men, though, which does set his commanding officers on edge. He's willing to let them get away with things most aren't, and he'll go so far as to take part in pranks and other mischievous behavior. Any actions taken against himself are considered all in good fun, and he's never quick to dole out punishments. A short reprimand and a smack on the wrist is about all his sailor's get. Unless they've done something to put the crew in danger, in which Americus is just as hard-nosed as the rest of them. But, unlike the more severe captains, knowledge that Americus thinks lowly of a crewman is normally enough to set them straight again. Apologies rarely need to be asked for.



Americus is searched for the Fauna Frenzy.

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