Planet Zar: Nexus




Name Clavel Toro Gender Male
Species Human | [Genetically Altered] Pronouns he/him
Age 18 Height: 5'6"
Division Army Rank Private
Residence The Heimdall


Clavel has great plans for himself, and everything he does is one more step up that ladder to being the cream of the crop. He's not nice, by any definition, and he cares for no one but himself and those that he can benefit from. He has no desire for friends or enemies, and for this reason keeps completely to himself. While he will eagerly sidle up to his teachers and the few ranking men that work around him, he snubs his nose at any other trainee who attempts to pass the olive branch. Clavel may appear cute and approachable, but he's far from being so.

For such a pragmatic fellow, Clavel is equally lazy and uncommitted to his work. He prefers the easy way out of everything, even if that means going so far as to pay for his grades - with money or services. He's utterly shameless, and it absolutely willing to do everything he must to get something in the Heimdall. Apart from any real work, of course. He's pretty steadfast in what he wants to do - he enjoys his work as a sniper, and aspires to be one of Krum's 'Special Police' assistants - he tends to drop a task half completed on his way to getting there. Reaching the top of that metaphorical ladder will be slow going...if he ever does manage to get to that last rung, that is.

Having such strong faith in himself leaves Clavel with very little for anyone else. He's always quick to point out peoples faults and emphasize the virtues in himself. Constantly judging others, this one. Even if he did want friends he'd have a hard time making them. He's certainly not afraid to speak his mind when called to, either. Clavel doesn't have a single ounce of cowardice in him, and will more than happily tell people exactly what he thinks of them. No shame and full of confidence, Clavel sometimes walks a thin line, without ever realizing he is. He is, fortunately, a good judge of character as well, and would never snap at anyone above him. Certainly not if they could help him get somewhere in life.



Clavel is searched for the Fauna Frenzy.

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