Planet Zar: Nexus




Name Kalev Engelheim Gender Male
Species Human | Therian Pronouns he/him
Age Adult Height: 6'1"
Division Operations Rank Corporal
Residence The Heimdall


Kalev's eventual desires are to join the intelligence sect of Heimdall's operatives. He's a keenly observant young man who never misses a detail, no matter how trivial. In particular, he has a keen eye for faces and schematics and while his memory isn't flawless, it's pretty dang sharp. He's proven himself a valuable asset in the field and is well on his way to mastering strategy and war games. Unfortunately, because the devil's in the details, Kalev can often get caught up in the minutiae and miss the big picture. He's excellent at spotting subtle body language and missing details, but if something is overt and obvious he's likely to overlook it.

With a history of honors and excellent work behind him, it's unsurprising that Kalev is highly confident, despite (or perhaps because of) his young age. He enters scenarios with the understanding that he can make things go right, even if the situation is awry. He has a good understanding of his own skills and knows when to back off or ask for aid. He's eternally optimistic and always sees things through to the end. Even if something doesn't go quite his way, he enjoys sitting down and analyzing what did go right and how he can best learn from his failures.

Kalev abhors having his choices taken away from him. While he has a good grasp of his own weaknesses, pride leads him toward stubbornness if someone else suggests he needs to hand over the reins. He'll dig his heels in and fight until he's exhausted all his efforts and likely put his team in dire straits. He can become ornery and snappish if he believes someone thinks him incapable or incompetent, usually resulting in a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Charm and confidence come easy to him, and when he's off-duty it tends to display itself as good natured mischievousness. Kalev has no desire to be cruel, but he enjoys good natured ribbing and pranks wherever he can get away with them, and almost always has a quirky smile on his face. He's apt to greet anyone with a wink and a nod and dearly loves making new friends.



from human to DPHDK form
Kalev is a robust male and stands at 45" at the withers in kriege form
He is a red dun roan overo with skull face



The Heimdall offers Kalev a chance to reach his dreams; standing at a Hope Court clutch.

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