Planet Zar: Nexus




Name Iyawa Adewumi Gender Female
Species Human Pronouns she/her
Age 22 Height: 5'7"
Division Army Rank Corporal
Header Art by TeethTerror Residence The Heimdall | The Reiher


Iyawa never wants anyone to experience the hardships she went through as a youth. She's fiercely protective and dedicated to justice - she believes in acting when she sees something awry, and to ignore cruelty is akin to performing the act yourself. She has a rigid moral code and holds herself staunchly to its standards. She's protective, bold, and courageous, unwilling to back down from a fight when freedom and lives are on the line. She conducts herself with pride and a clear head. No matter how much the passion to save people drives her, she understand the importance of gathering information and implementing a plan. Iyawa takes her time whenever she can. She abhors mistakes, especially her own, and always strives to improve herself.

Iyawa comes off as callous to outsiders. She doesn't make friends quickly or easily. She takes her time to vet people, to suss out their true character, before opening up to someone. Despite her loyalty to the friends she does make, the mission always comes first. The lives of innocents are more important than her team-mates. This paradigm and the losses she's experienced likely contribute to her hesitance for making close friends. Iyawa is a no-nonsense, single-minded, workaholic.


Born and raised in a small lunar colony, to two loving parents and several siblings. In her late adolescence, her home colony was attacked by a rival faction hoping to expand their territory. Iyawa lost her father, most of her siblings, and many of her friends in the attack. The colony was destroyed and the survivors turned to serfs for those that claimed the territory.

Iyawa resented her captors and vowed revenge against them. She and many other survivors put together a secret resistance force. They were outgunned and outnumbered without access to space vessels to let them get help. First order of business was changing that.

The resistance came up with a plan: Iyawa would lead a team to attack their captors, while a smaller, quicker operation would attempt to steal a skif. As with all plans, there were complications. Many of Iyawa's teammates were gunned down. All but one member of the stealth force were captured. A single skif blasted out of orbit and blinked like a shining beacon for a few hopeful moments... before it was blown to shrapnel by the captors.

Iyawa and her few fellow survivors were severely punished and their labor duties increased tenfold. Security became immense and cruel. Iyawa's resolve faltered.

Weeks after the escape attempt an unfamiliar ship landed on the colony, and soldiers spilled out. Iyawa took up her chains and prepared to fight. The soldiers swarmed passed the colonists and decimated the captives, freeing workers as they went and ushering them to the safety of the ship. The lunar colony was free.

Iyawa learned that the ship that came to their rescue was part of a mercenary program called The Heimdall, captained by Emmerich Dusan. They'd gotten a message from deep space via a backwater skif channel that the colony had been overrun by slavers and took an immediate detour to free the colonists.

Captain Dusan brought the survivors to Mwari Station, but Iyawa asked to remain aboard and join the Heimdall's ranks. She wanted to save people as she'd been saved and already knew she had fight in her blood.