Planet Zar: Nexus



Name Tarnish Gender Genderless Construct
Species Steamwork Xenodragon Pronouns it/its, they/them, any
Age ?? Color Steel
Height: 5'8" at shoulder Size Class: Medium-Small
Residence The Heimdall Rank Asset
Origin Starfyre


Highly intelligent and adaptable, Tarnish is quite the capable technician - able to perform service and alterations to itself as well as other steam-powered constructs with ease. Furthermore, Tarnish is quick to learn and never forgets something once its in their databanks, making them an admirable asset aboard the Heimdall. Tarnish is a highly sociable individual who basks in the company of others and shines under attention. They love completing missions and going above and beyond to earn praise from their compatriots. Tarnish is hungry for friendship and affection, something they make no effort to hide. In fact, being a cold steel machine Tarnish needs to go the extra mile to be seen as a sapient, emotional being with social needs. Tarnish doesn't mind playing the part of heartless robot when subterfuge is needed against the enemy. They are incredibly loyal and can be vicious when their crew is under fire. A capable, merciless fighter who doesn't feel pain and knows how to repair itself, Tarnish is not an enemy to be dismissed.



Requires fuel, rather than food, to keep themselves moving. Through tinkering they can change the type of fuel required to adapt to different environments.


While the chassis can be damaged to non-functionality, Tinker's true self is contained in a core inside their head. They are functionally immortal and able to be repaired unless this core is destroyed. As long as the core is intact, they can be rebuilt.


If damaged, can repair themselves with spare parts and even make upgrades


the ability to speak vocally



?? siblings