Planet Zar: Nexus




Name Vlad Himbere Gender Male
Species Human [nosferatu] Pronouns he/him
Age 42 Height: 6'8"
Division Internal Affairs Rank Chief
Residence The Heimdall


Suave, debonair, and very deadly, Vlad takes every means possible to live up to his name. He is an actor, extremely skilled, and never out-of-character, thus his own personality (if he ever had one) has become fused with his image of Dracula. A seductive creature of the night who entrances young ladies, stalks beautiful men, and feasts on the blood of the living. He has gone so far as to perfect even his motions, his very stance, having given himself the ability to walk (and fly) without making the slightest noise. Silence, in other aspects, does not come so easily to him.

Being such a capable actor it is impossible for Vlad to resist having an audience. He is very much a crowd-pleaser and will take part in all sorts of antics in order to get onlookers aroused and interested. He has flair and charm, always one for grand gestures and dramatics. Vlad cares more to entertain people than he does to follow the rules or complete his tasks. Many of the other men in his Regiment believe him to be very much a show piece, and not very useful at all. But Krum doesn't make useless experiments.

While normally of calm demeanor, equally friendly toward everyone - although with a heavy preference for a pretty, feminine face - Vlad is quite capable of turning the tables on a dime. He has a very short fuse, and many irritants that can set him off. Insults towards him, his acting ability, or his truthfulness can send Vlad into a flurry of anger. He has no restraints what-so-ever, alike to a toddler with a tantrum, and will do whatever in his power to return his discomfort ten-fold to anyone who has wronged him. He will skewer, insult, maim, murder, and tear apart any man that stands against him. Loyalty and response are two things Vlad will not go without, and, fashioned after a Prince, he finds himself perfectly worthy of both. Blood-letting is far from above him.

Vlad's temper rarely creeps out into the open, though, and he is, in general, a boisterous fellow who enjoys a good laugh, a strong drink, and some mischievous fun. He's very active and does love to dance and sing as loud and raucously as he can - especially for unwilling crowds. He can be especially over-the-top when drunk. And Vlad does love his drink.

Vlad is also not particular to the taste of blood, despite being a Nosferatu. He prefers to maim and murder his victims without getting messy, and certainly wouldn't think of drinking their blood at all. While he requires it in order to survive, he greatly prefers the military issue rations that Dr. Krum stores in the labratory freezers. The scientists can flavor those. Never-the-less, this vampire isn't without his addiction. Vlad is physically incapable of turning down raspberries. Something about this little fruit makes his mouth water and his heart buzz like a bee.



Vlad is searched for the Fauna Frenzy.

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