Planet Zar: Nexus

Mwari Station

Population: 000000
Inhabitants: Murdon
Other: sddsdss
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A bustling metropolis in the form of a space station orbiting Zar, boasting a population of millions. Possessing highly advanced technology and a plethora of job opportunities, Mwari Station is a popular residence for many individuals traversing Zar's solar system. While the station's population is largely murdon, thousands of alien races call the satellite home. Mwari Station considers itself a social utopia and takes pride in the care and kindness it shows its residents.


A massive space station orbiting Zar, hosting millions of citizens.

The station consists of a dozen ribbed spires, connected by bridges at several intervals. It roughly resembles a bundle of spines held together with sinew and cord. The outer hull is pearlescent white, gleaming rainbow hues when exposed ship light. Each spine is a different deck, or district, with a hangar bay at the head of each. Arrivals must be processed and authenticated when leaving the hangar bay, but necessities such as temporary lodging and food establishments can be found in most hangars.

The oldest districts are designed primarily for murdon anatomy - set-up for a large, bipedal race. Humans and human-sized aliens may find accommodations in old districts uncomfortably large. The majority of the decks are able to comfortably facilitate species of all shape and size, including large dragons.


Largely socialist, Mwari station offers free necessities to all residents and visitors: housing, food, water, education, medication, and health care are accessible to all without charge. Mwari station's aesthetics alternate between cyberpunk and minimalist greenhouses depending on the district.

Murdon make up a large portion of the population, but all manner of species have made their home on Mwari station, including a myriad of humanoids and dragons. There is no singular culture because of the diverse population, but most residents value empathy, kindness, and adventure. The original purpose of Mwari station was to give murdon a new home as Zar succumbed to pollution, therefore creative pursuits and entrepreneurship are rewarded.

Some societal segregation occurs between the districts. While basic necessities are freely given, status earns luxury in Mwari station. Wealthy elites reside in the Pearl district, inaccessible to the average citizen.

Mwari stations holds a host of different occupations, everything required to keep a massive city running, including various passion pursuits such as specialty shops and artist alleys. With free education offered to citizens, there is a bustling population of scientists and teachers. The station itself requires a large team of engineers, technicians, and station crew to operate smoothly.

The governing body consists of a quintet of directors. Traditionally these directors have all been murdon, but in modern times other aliens (and dragons) have joined the quintet.