Planet Zar: Nexus




Name Ansen Gender Male
Species Human Pronouns he/him
Age 52 Height: 6'4"
Residence Shigan Weyr Craft Weyrlingmaster


While just as large and imposing as he was in his youth, Ansen is now softer around the middle, with early crows feet and silver streaking his hair. His hair has grown to considerable length, tumbling around his shoulders, and is often left unkempt. He sports a shaggy beard. His predilection for garish patterns and bright colors has only increased since he's matured. 
A large and sturdy young lad, Ansen is well aware that he's taller than most of his peers and has no problem using his size to his advantage. He has a distinctly rectangular head and square jaw, with pale blue downturned eyes. His dirty blond hair is naturally curly, and he wavers between cutting it short to keep it out of his eyes, and let it grow to handsome waves around his chin. Ansen holds some vanity about his appearance and likes being looked at.

Even as a teenager, Ansen has a deep, growling voice.

As an only child to lower middle-class parents, Ansen's mother can only do so much to keep up with his ridiculous height, and therefore he gets very little choice about his clothing. Given a preference, he loves bright colors and splashy patterns, but most of his wardrobe consists of undyed fabric in brown, cream, and grey.


Ansen has softened and matured upon adulthood,  as much from the passage as time as from the traumas he's experienced. While he remains personable and social, easy to joke with when present in social situations, Ansen no longer goes [i]looking[/i] for friends and parties to mingle with. He's more withdrawn and can be combative when asked to extract himself from his sorrowful solitude. 

He's a talented wingrider and has several accomplished thread fighting flights under his belt, but he rarely takes wing now. He's become Shigan's weyrlingmaster as much as a way to keep him focused as it is to keep him from placing himself in danger. Since the death of his son Ansen has become a danger to himself and others when on the wing, lax in his duties. But he will NOT cut corners when it comes to the education of new weyrlings. Ansen's always had a soft spot for children and takes pride in preparing the next generation of wing riders. He's a gruff, often surly, teacher, but even the depression he's fallen into won't allow him to be anything other than the best at what he does. He genuinely cares for each and every student under his wing. 

Ansen's size, his general good looks, and his success with the trainees has led him to a plethora of confidence, he thinks he's top dog and has no problem putting his peers in their place if they think otherwise. He's butted heads with the senior guards more than once, but even hard discipline won't shake his cocky attitude. He'll take his punishments gladly and prove he can handle anything they throw at him… even if it means weeks of sore muscles from overstraining himself. He hates losing face, and will often push himself beyond reasonable limits so he doesn't look a fool in front of his training mates. Ansen is also willing to step up and accept unpleasant or risky duties, both for his own reputation and because he generally cares about his peers and doesn't want them dealing with bullshit he can handle.

If asked, he'll say it's all about his reputation. He doesn't want anyone thinking he's soft, after all. Truly, Ansen has a deep desire to be liked and he makes strong connections to people easily. He enjoys being surrounded by friends and as much as he likes attention, he has no problem letting someone else do all the talking. He's a good listener, attentive and intuitive, and will go out of his way to help the people he cares about. If someone's struggling with chores, he'll come by and lend a hand. If there's a bully being a nuisance, Ansen won't hesitate to confront them.

In fact, Ansen has a nasty habit of looking for fights. He's a physical guy and can be rough and tumble with his friends, but when faced with an enemy, Ansen is downright nasty. He's a brutal, no holds barred brawler, and reacts to animosity with violence. As much as Ansen hates bullies and wants desperately to be a knight in shining armor, his temper can get the best of him and lead himself and others to harm. His extroverted and social nature leads him to deep guilt over these confrontations, and his ego isn't so large that he won't apologize for wrong-doings. He doesn't hold grudges and feels deeply wounded when someone can't forgive him, in turn.


Father: Veisen, smith (deceased)
Mother: Ania, weaver (deceased)
No siblings, but various aunts, uncles, and cousins
Born and raised in a minor cothold, to lower middle-class parents.

Friends with Jerram since they were toddlers, as their mothers weave together. The two are constant companions and were always up to mischief during childhood.
Ansen and Jerram decided to join the guards together, where they are searched by Isla weyr before completing their training.
Jerram and Ansen train together at Isla weyr and serve several turns their as wing riders.
Jerram meets Vikana, a gold rider, during a gather and becomes quickly infatuated. He eventually requests transfer to Shigan weyr, and Ansen (of course) follows him.
Vikana's queen rises and Jerram's Heziolth catches her. Vikana and Jerram officially announce their own relationship and Jerram becomes weyrleader of Shigan.
Ansen, meanwhile, has a few trysts with other riders, and eventually has a son. While it's not uncommon for a dragon rider to have someone else raise their children, Ansen adores the kid and is active in his life.
Ansen's son is killed during a training accident.
Ansen falls into depression and despair. He refuses to fly thread anymore. Brirorth is morose and inconsolable. Ansen's friendship with Jerram is strained.
Eventually, Jerram kicks him from his wing.
Ansen (and Briroth) spend nearly a year doing nothing but drinking and pretending not to exist, until Jerram gets the idea to make Ansen weyrlingmaster. Their current one is elderly and near retirement age.
Ansen studies under the old weyrlingmaster and, once he passes, takes up the mantle.



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