Planet Zar: Nexus




Name Asubuhi Gender Female
Species Human Pronouns she/her
Age 14 Height: 5'2"
Residence Shigan Weyr Craft Weyrling


A peppy, energetic young girl who loves being involved with the community. Asubuhi always has a smile for everyone and loves greeting each day as a new adventure. She loves opportunities to experience new things and would love to see the wider world of pern. She's eager to impress a dragon and earn the freedom (and ability) to explore all of Pern and beyond. Asubuhi is eternally upbeat and filled with compliments and encouragement for her friends. Her young age lends itself to some naivete, but Asubuhi is quick to forget and forgive transgressions against her.

Asubuhi adores her older foster brother, Tahir. She's constantly tagging along after him. She admires his cleverness and ability to sneak. She's a terrible influence and encourages him to use his wiles to sneak them into places they shouldn't go - the kitchens after dark to grab a snack, the sands when eggs are being laid. She truly means no harm, but she can't pass up the opportunity to experience things other people are going to miss out on!


Asubuhi's parents are Shigan weyr dragonriders - a brown and a green - but she was raised by a foster mother along with several other foster siblings. She clung to Tahir at an early age, looking to him for support and the opportunity for shenanigans. 




POPLAR the firelizard from Isla Weyr
Bronze - Male - 28"
lanky - clumsy - sassy - enduring - loving

CLOUD the firelizard from Isla Weyr
Blue - Male - 18"
jovial - hasty - wary