Planet Zar: Nexus




Name Jeffe Gender Male
Species Human Pronouns he/him
Age 14 Height: 4'2"
Residence Shigan Weyr Craft Candidate


A little too curious of his own good, Jeffe is always getting into mischief. He loves climbing and often scales the weyrs of Shigan to the tippity-top. No tree, rock, or building his safe from his endeavors. He cannot wait to impress a dragon and no longer be limited to the earth. Jeffe is fearless, always wandering off in search of adventure and new people to meet. He has little concept of danger to the point of worrying his foster family to death. He's a difficult fellow to keep track of and often gets in trouble for delinquency.

Jeffe is resilient. Even in the face of danger or natural disaster, he brushes off these negative experiences with ease and continues to push himself to enjoy life to its fullest. No matter how many bad experiences he suffers, he holds onto his adventurous spirit. He's decent at reading people and is quick to figure out when he's not wanted company. He knows he can annoying and would rather excuse himself from a situation than push until he's told to leave. While he enjoys company, he doesn't feel the need to be everyone's friend.


Jeffe was born to a dragonrider mother (a green) and a weyrfolk father. He was raised primarily by a foster mother, with several foster siblings, but also has a good relationship with his biological father.




VENTURE the firelizard from Isla Weyr
Copper-Silver - Female - 26"

Intelligent and level-headed, Venture often tries to keep Jeffe out of the worst of the trouble. She enjoys freedom and exploration, is always up for a new game, but is sensible enough to know when to turn back home. She's protective of Jeffe, even if that means she sometimes has to nip the boy's ears to get him to listen.