Planet Zar: Nexus




Name Jinda Gender Female
Species Human Pronouns she/her
Age 16 Height: 5'5"
Residence Shigan Weyr Craft Candidate


Brash and freedom-loving, Jinda never hesitates to speak her mind. She's got Big Opinions on a lot of things and she's always sure to let everyone around her know exactly how she feels about them or their actions. She's blunt to the point of tactlessness and often judges a person's character too quickly. But she's not afraid to apologize when she's wrong. She's not big on emotional displays, but a sincere "I'm sorry" and friendly punch in the arm gets the job done. She doesn't hold grudges and expects the same from others.

Jinda is confident to the point of arrogance, but she's got the skills to back up her attitude. She's incredibly athletic and effortlessly dedicated to keeping herself in shape. She has a keen interest in martial arts, fitness, and inviting hotties to the gun show. She can be an incorrigible flirt and knows she's charming to the right crowd. It's difficult to motivate her into doing something she's not interested in. She hates studying, despises classroom settings, and - despite being fairly intelligent - can't stand mucking about a library taking notes. She loves to be out in the middle of the action doing things.

Jinda is loyal and dedicated to her friends but has difficulty forming deep connections with people.


Jinda was born to well-off holder parents who managed the production of several farmsteads. She was meant to follow in their footsteps and had private tutors throughout her childhood to aid her in mathematics and management. Jinda had little interest in bookkeeping and was always running off to the surrounding woods to play with her friends.

She bonded her firelizard "Feisty" during one such hike through the wilderness. Her parents were displeased and considered the flit a distraction to Jinda's responsibilities.

In her early adolescence, Jinda's parents produced a son. Her father was enamored with the young boy and considered Jinda a lost cause, focusing his adoration and attention on the new baby. Jinda kept her upset to herself - she didn't want to be a holder anyway.

When search riders from Shigan Weyr visited her hold, Jinda begged them to take her along. Even if she couldn't bond a dragon, she figured she'd have a happier, more fulfilled life in a weyr.

She's been at Shigan for three years now and stood for the occasional clutch when it struck her fancy, but failed to bond each time. News of a fantastic, genetically manipulated clutch at Isla was endlessly intriguing and Jinda was determined to earn a chance to stand at Isla's sands.




FEISTY the firelizard from Isla Weyr
Blue - Male - 15"
outgoing - outrageous - courageous - feisty