Planet Zar: Nexus




Name Moraa Gender Female
Species Human Pronouns she/her
Age 15 Height: 5'2"
Residence Shigan Weyr Role Weyrling


Eager and outgoing, Moraa certainly lives up to her name. She’s as open-minded as they come and always willing to lend a hand to those in need… especially if their needs involve some form of physical labor. She loves to keep active and is constantly fidgeting when forced to settle down. Moraa is happiest outside the crowded caverns of the weyr. She loves the freedom of an open plain and can often be found springing down the hillsides in search of adventure. When she impresses, she's going to be impossible to keep out of the air.

 She takes on every job with the utmost enthusiasm and puts her all into everything she does. Despite her energy and outgoing personality, Moraa is rather quiet. She’s not the talkative type, and would much rather be doing something instead of sitting around making noise. Her expressions are vivid, almost caricatures of one might expect, so she has no problems expressing herself without words. She can speak, of course, but is choosy and deliberate with her words.


⦿ Moraa was born in a small hold nestled along rugged foothills, the middle-child to married parents who worked as cobblers. While her upbringing was poor, Moraa always found it easy to make friends and loved being around people. What she lacked in riches she made up in relationships. Despite being a quiet child she was well-liked and a trend-setter for new games around the hold. She rarely got into trouble and enjoyed helping out with community projects: especially anything that required her to be outdoors and using her hands.

⦿ Being searched by Shigan Weyr's riders was bittersweet for her. She loved her family and her friends from the hold, but Moraa was always eager for adventure and helping people. What better way was there to help than by fighting thread? That was basically helping all of Pern, plus she'd get the opportunity to fly.

⦿ With sad farewells to her loved ones, Moraa left with the search rider to begin her new life in a weyr.

⦿ Lessons and studying are boring and Moraa doesn't do well in the classroom setting. On the other hand, she's an ace at practical work and loves getting the chance to build things with her hands. She's become adept at working with leather and helping make riding gear.


Class Interrupted

Candidate Master Rh'mel's class is interrupted by news of faraway clutches. A few of his pupils are chosen to stand at Kyanos Weyr.

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