Planet Zar: Nexus




Name S'bar Gender Male
Species Human Pronouns he/him
Age 26 Height: 5'10"
Residence Shigan Weyr Craft Wingrider


Tall and wiry, Sibar is every inch the rowdiest teenage boy in his cothold. He's constantly covered in scrapes and bruises, sporting split lips and black eyes from throwing himself into frays he knows he can't win. Torn and messy clothes are to be expected and his mother has long since given making him look decent. His sandy blond hair is cropped short at the scalp and his bright blue eyes brim with mischief. He has a wide face, small eyes, and a broad nose that give him a boorish appearance.


Sibar doesn't have a single serious bone in his body. He can turn anything into a joke and isn't afraid to voice his humorous observations even at the most inopportune times. He's a rough and rowdy boy who loves nothing more than scrapping with his mates and getting his hands dirty. Half the words out of his mouth are curses, and he does it as much out of habit as for the shock value and giddiness of his friends. Sibar has no issue playing the fool or the goon as long as he's got someone's rapt attention. He's a daring young man who won't back down from a challenge, no matter the risk to himself, and he's got a plethora scars and bruises to prove it.

For all his recklessness, Sibar has a good heart. He's unerringly loyal to his friends and highly protective. He'll throw himself in front of danger to keep them safe, with no thought in his head for his own safety. He can't stand bullies or injustice and will voice his opinions loudly, even if they're directed at a lord. He will, one day, suffer the consequences of a loose tongue filled with low words. But for now he's a carefree sport who most wants fun and good company. Sibar hates being on his own for any length of time, although he doesn't always have to be roughhousing in the fields to be kept happy. He's content to sit next to a friend or two and watch the clouds go by.

Sibar has aspirations for learning to read and write, but as a farmhand and an illegitimate son this is a lofty ambition.


A Strange Searchrider

Sibar and Biacha's chores are interrupted by a strange visitor.

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