Planet Zar: Nexus




Name Corkon Gender Male
Species Mosasaurus Pronouns he/him
Age Adult Family Blue Topaz
Height: 7'0" at shoulder Size Class: Medium-Small
Residence The Refugium Occupation Resident
Origin Ayanula


Corkon is as angry and aggressive as he looks. Lost to Ayanula, his homeworld, Corkon even avoids the few other mososaurus that live on the Refugium, living his days in isolation on the grassy plains of a savanna biodome. He's quick to react with violence when he's approached but begrudgingly accepts the occasional company of the Refugium staff. He doesn't like having his affairs meddled with and is vocal about his displeasure. He knows he's not well liked and is perfectly fine with that. While mososauruss are herd animals, their social groups are not close knit and Corkon isn't badly effected by his curmudgeonly lifestyle.

There is one thing Corkon truly does love, and that's the color blue. Like a bower bird, Corkon collections blue objects - feathers, flowers, trash left behind by inconsiderate visitors, he doesn't care as long as it's blue. He's amassed quite a collection and it gives him a great sense of joy and serenity when he views it. Corkon can be persuaded to participate in group activities or help out in his biodome in exchange for particularly fancy blue objects.


Trip to Lantessama

With the discovery of a gem dragon clutch at Lantessama, the Refugium sponsors a trip for anyone interested in standing for one of these rare dragons.

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