Planet Zar: Nexus




Name Gorve Gender Female
Species Dragon Whorling Pronouns she/her
Age Adult Color Purple
Height: 2'5" at shoulder Size Class: Small
Residence The Refugium Occupation Nuisance
Origin The EverRealm


Loquacious, gregarious, and brimming with energy, Gorve has earned herself the title of 'resident troublemaker' onboard the Refugium. No one knows precisely how she got onto the space port in the first place, but she's impossible to dislodge! Small and crafty, Gorve has the inner workings of the Refugium memorized and snakes about ventilation ducts with ease. She's always in search of a new adventure and loves meddling with things that aren't her business. While she's not cruel, Gorve has a tendency not to think about consequences when she commits to mischief and has caused quite a bit of a damage. Nothing that can't be repaired though, and it's not as if she intends to hurt anyone.

Gorve is forthright but sometimes tactless, she speaks her mind and gets straight to the point, not bothering to butter up bad news. She loves to talk, but her blunt honesty may result in hurt feelings and broken friendships. She knows she can be quite taxing, but she simply can't help herself! Gorve forms lots of shallow friendships but rarely has long lasting relationships with anyone despite her best efforts. Her boisterous and bold personality is too much for the average joe. Not to mention she's something of a fugitive!


Trip to Lantessama

With the discovery of a gem dragon clutch at Lantessama, the Refugium sponsors a trip for anyone interested in standing for one of these rare dragons.

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