Planet Zar: Nexus



Name Ixu Varaqian Gender Male
Species Wasp-Shifter Pronouns he/him
Age 37 Height: 5'7"
Residence The Refugium Occupation Security


With a square jaw and a strong build, Ixu makes for a commanding figure. He carries himself proudly, with head held high and eyes fixed forward with a hardened gaze. His skin is a bronze-brown color that only adds to his formidable looking stance. His hair is black, slightly frizzy but mostly straight, and cut short. His eyes are angular and cold, of a glittering agate green color.

Ixu's lived a long life in the military field, piloting war ships and leading troops into battle, so his preferred attire is definitely that of his Labyrinth uniform. Decorated, of course, with his medals and badges. His walks stiffly, as if resisting the urge to march, and greets everyone he passes with a sharp nod or a salute...or not at all, he's not particularly friendly.

As a wasp, Ixu is unusually large, perhaps twice the size of your average wasp, and has a distinctive red-ness to him, that darkens from red-yellow to crimson the lower his stripes get. He still sports black stripes, as well, which are unaffected by the rest of his abnormalities.


Argumentative and stubborn, Ixu does not make for very pleasurable company. He's used to being in charge and won't think twice about barking orders at anyone who passes him by. He's moody, grumpy, and dislikes the company of others unless they're planning to listen to him when he tells them to do something. He's very good at keeping his mouth shut when the captain's around, though, but that just about the only person he'll play lackey to. He's obedient and follows orders when given, and can work efficiently during crisis situations. Perhaps he's clear-headed, or maybe he's just plain lackadaisical when it comes to life-or-death situations. He's seen his way through a great many battles, after all, and he has no fear of death. Not anymore.

Ixu may be stoic and callous, but he's not unaffected by catastrophes. He believes very strongly that civilians should be looked after and protected. He will not stand for needless deaths and is really quite honorable. Ixu puts others before himself, and feels it is his duty to protect everyone who needs him.



Human to feral wasp form



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Donagh the Tralvisk.
From The Twisted Fate
3'5" - Brown - Male

Donagh is very much the epitome of his coloration. He's simple, plain, and steadfast. A loyal creature, as all tralvisk are, any incredibly disciplined. He is extremely well behaved and will not take any action against someone without Ixu's express permission. The only exception is if Ixu is incapable of commanding him, in which Donagh will quite happily take action on his own. It is not only Ixu's commands to do that he must listen to, but his commands to do not. Donagh may be extremely well trained, but the leash is short and Ixu must keep a good grip on it. Generally, though, Donagh is fairly well behaved, and won't so much as growl at someone unless he thinks they're a logical threat to his master. This self-control is probably the only reason he's allowed on board the Labyrinth in presence of the many staff members and visitors.

Donagh may be well-behaved, but he's not a dog, or a pet, for that matter. He'll keep to himself well enough, but anyone stupid enough to try to 'pet the nice lizard' is sure to find themselves going away with a few less fingers. He's not even fully accepting of affectionate pats from Ixu, let alone a stranger.

Although he knows how to speak, Donagh rarely does so. He's very quiet, and doesn't enjoy making any noises what-so-ever, except for the occasional growl of warning. And even that is often quiet, soft, very hard to hear. But you damn well better hear it, because that's the only warning you'll get if he thinks you're a threat to himself or his master. That, and possibly an word of encouragement from Ixu himself.

Although Donagh can't read commands from him, he's capable of recognizing Ixu in his wasp form, as well as his humanoid one. When Ixu shifts, Donagh is immediately attentive and wary, much unlike his usually laid back self. Donagh is ten times more protective over wasp-Ixu than he is over human-Ixu, and becomes increasingly agitated when Ixu spends any length of time in that form, going so far as to snap at him when he passes. Wasp-Ixu makes his jobs that much more difficult, and Donagh doesn't like being the pet to a flimsy little insect.

Abilities: Empathic Telepathy. Magic Immunity. Verbal Speech (nonsentient).