Planet Zar: Nexus

Runike Kutoth



Name Runike Kutoth Gender Non-binary Masc
Species Murdon Pronouns he/him
Age very old Height: 7'1"
Residence The Refugium Occupation Head Council & Founder


The enigmatic founder of the Refugium, Kutoth is well known as an odd and powerful murdon, not least because of his leucistic hide and penchant for messing with gender identity. Kutoth is a benign puppet master who enjoys observing his creations from a distance. He may stir the pot occasionally, but he doesn't meddle in the affairs of people. While he is a familiar face around the Refugium (and often Mwari station as well), he's not a particularly social man and likes to keep to himself. Social visits are few and far between, even if he's almost always lurking in the background.

While Kutoth is meticulous and altruistic, sometimes his desire to explore 'what ifs' leads him to disastrous results. There is a reason one of Zar's moons in dedicated to a warring species of powerful demonic creatures. His interest in projects is intense, a blazing forest fire that cannot be stopped for anything until it burns out. He often doesn't see his projects through to the end and is thankful for a dedicated team of scientists and conservationists aboard the Refugium.

Wherever possible, Kutoth is kind and giving. He wants nothing more than to make his corner of the universe safe and welcoming to everyone. He has a bleeding heart and is easily swayed into offering aid to anyone who needs it, which does leave him open to be taken advantage of. Never-the-less, he'd rather take the sting of a mistake than endure the guilt of turning away someone who truly needed him.


A very old murdon, although his often youthful demeanor doesn't reflect this, Kutoth was born on Zar long before the planet's ecosystems were destroyed. He possessed strong psionics and shapeshifting abilities and remains one of the most powerful Creator murdons. His past is long and filled with numerous regrets. He has created several "clones" of himself, separating pieces of his being into other entities. Most of these "clones" aren't aware of the connection and he isn't forthright in this information. Some have discovered this and have sent emissaries to collect these varying clones. Kutoth is aware of this and aware of the danger it puts himself in, but is uncertain how to deal with it.

Kutoth was the head of a group of murdon who created the Abyss Born (previously known as legacy creations): Euclides, Amuni, Defore, and others. These creatures were placed on an alternate earth where they wrecked havoc unsupervised until Kutoth and his companions returned. In seeing their destruction, the Abyss Born were relocated to one of Zar's moons.

He was once on the board of directors for Mwari station before he was bit with a passion for conservationism. The Refugium takes up most of his time now, so he resigned from Mwari station, but he's often involved with the political goings on.



Kutoth has very strong telepathy and telekinesis. His telepathy is almost always 'on', although he tries not to pry into the personal thoughts of those he comes across. Unlike many telepaths, he isn't overwhelmed by a constant deluge of thoughts and emotions from crowded groups of people. He's able to filter and focus as he needs to. Kutoth is also capable of teleportation and psychic empathy.


While most murdon require the aid of technology to shapeshift, Kutoth's creation abilities have given him some leeway. He is comfortable in many forms, typically humanoids or other sapient aliens, but since forming the Refugium he spends most of his time in his own skin.


As a Creator murdon, Kutoth has the ability to manipulate matter on a molecular level. He can adjust chemicals and electrical reactions to alter and create lifeforms out of non-living matter. This is taxing, even for a powerful creator such as himself, and he no longer does it as often as he did in his youth. Perhaps his powers are dwindling...



Ornate letters arrive at the Heimdall and Refugium, inviting leaders and their chosen candidates to attend an important clutch.

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A Trip to Lantessama

With the discovery of a gem dragon clutch at Lantessama, the Refugium sponsors a trip for anyone interested in standing for one of these rare dragons.

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Anipione works as Kutoth's personal attendant. They often use their emotional drain powers to feed of Kutoth's guilt over his previous actions as the Ivory Prince.



Kutoth's only (known?) child and fellow director of the Refugium.


Feoras the Tralvisk.
From The Twisted Fate
3'6" - Grey - Male

Like some fearsome medieval knight, Feoras is, in a word, chivalrous and loyal to a fault. He takes his duties as a guard beast almost too seriously. He is incredibly strong willed, and in takes quite a lot of concentration to rein him in. Once he's picked out a prey or potential threat to his master, though, good luck in keeping him from doing his duty. He's a vicious creature and Kutath takes great precautions with him. Although quiet, calculating, and slow to attack, Feoras is certainly not the sort of creature to ignore. Even the slightest wrong move can set him off, and he doesn't kill cleanly.

One must not mistake Feoras for a beast, though, he is, at heart, a guardian, every bit a knight that Kutoth likes to think of him as. If any member of the Refugium is endangered, Feoras will be there in a moment to assist them. One simply can't be sure if this is for the pleasure of rescuing or for feeling one more neck snap between his jaws. But, for a tralvisk, he's really quite gentlemanly.

Abilities: Empathic Telepathy. Magic Immunity. Verbal Speech (nonsentient).