Planet Zar: Nexus




Name Rawori Imradeg Gender Male
Species Minotaur/Siren Pronouns he/him
Age 53 Height 12'6"
Residence The Refugium Occupation Security


Rawori is several times larger than any mer-creature has the right to be. His is bulky in his torso, and slender in his tail, with long, white fins going all the way down his spine and spanning out into a tail-fin. His arms and sides have smaller fins, mimicking the larger one. Due to his lineage, Rawori has the upper body of a minotaur, a humanoid-bull, covered in course, oily fur of a medium burgundy color. His tail is scaly and red.


Rawori is a complete and utter pessimist. He always sees the bad things in people before the good ones, and can appear to be rather prejudice. He isn't fond of children, or women, or...well, anyone really, but he loves his mother with all his heart. He isn't good at showing affection and becomes nervous when people touch him or get emotional around him.

Rawori feels out of place in his world, and sometimes wishes he could have been born a full minotaur. He dearly wishes to meet his father, but the likelihood of that is slim to none. Rawori cannot stand people who don't see the plain logic in things, and straight out believes everyone except himself is an idiot. He wants to meet someone with the same intellect and sense of reality as himself, but hardly believes that will happen in a world people.



Rawori is searched for lantessema isle.

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