Planet Zar: Nexus




Name Uyata Gender Female
Species Mosasaurus Pronouns she/her
Age Adult Family Opal
Height: 5'0" at shoulder Size Class: Medium-Small
Residence The Refugium Occupation Resident
Origin Ayanula


Trained from a young age to study history and mythologies of Ayanula's gods, Uyata lived a life surrounded by religious scholars and told her life was not her own to live. She would never breed or acquire a mate and rarely would she interact with outsiders. Uyata was a precocious child who devoured any knowledge she could acquire, and when she was given the opportunity to leave Ayanula and explore the vastness of the universe, she took it. She wanted to free herself from the fetters of her family's culture. Now, on the Refugium, Uyata spends most of her time on the savanna biodome where she's most physically comfortable, but takes frequent visits elsewhere - including Janos city. She is fascinated by the research labs and devours any information the scientists will give her.

Uyata has a keen mind and a love for science. She conducts her own experiments as best she can with clumsy hooves rather than dexterous fingers. She enjoys observing the other inhabitants and taking field notes on their interactions. She's outgoing and capricious, always brimming with questions and often doesn't know when to stop. She can be nosy, but her intentions are harmless.


Trip to Lantessama

With the discovery of a gem dragon clutch at Lantessama, the Refugium sponsors a trip for anyone interested in standing for one of these rare dragons.

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