Planet Zar: Nexus

Planet Zar

Population: 000000
Inhabitants: Murdon
Other: sddsdss
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A small but gravitationally dense planet ravaged to in-hospitality by pollution. It's gorgeous purple atmosphere is an aesthetic side-effect of the voluminous toxic gasses that leave the ground-evel uninhabitable. The home planet of the large, multi-limbed murdon race, who reside in massive towering spires that reach above the poison clouds. Only a few urban centers remain occupied and much of the population relies on supplies from orbiting moons.


Zar is several times larger than earth and possesses a magnetic atmosphere that turns the sky constant shades of violet. Once beautiful, flourishing with life, Zar has since become so badly polluted that existence is impossible at ground-level. A noxious purple haze chokes everything it comes in contact with, causing the extinction of Zar's native flora and fauna. Inhabitants choosing to remain on the planet live in handfuls of towering white cities, built on massive spires that burst through the toxic cloud cover.

While Zar possesses oceans, these too have become desolate with pollution. Only the highest mountain peaks and the carefully crafted metropoli remain populated. Cities are carefully insulated, possessing life support systems that rival spacecraft's. Storms rage frequently and bring toxic gas and rain. It's important to stay sealed safe inside when Zar's tempests brew.

Notable moons include Anygh (host to creatures created by the murdon) and Vykeli (a terraforming experiment).


Primarily inhabited by the 4-limbed, telepathic murdon, Zar is a cultural hub of intellectual and creative pursuits. Murdon prize creativity in all forms and Zar is rich with art, music, dance, literature, and technology. Indeed, Zar is a high-tech world where spacecraft, teleportation, and advanced medicine and bio-engineering is commonplace.

Zar rarely has off-world visitors and even fewer aliens who choose to reside in its cities permanently. The toxic atmosphere and confined cities make life similar to living aboard a spacecraft, without the freedom to travel between stars. Murdon can be xenophobic to other species, and often regard shorter-lived species as less evolved and childlike. Never-the-less, the sharing of stories is important to the species and most will accept visitors who have tales to trade.

Because of Zar's inhospitable climate, off-world trade has become a necessity. Murdon exchange technology and services for food, minerals, water, and other necessities. Many murdon have expanded mining and terraforming operations to the planets many moons.


Zar's ruling body is a council of the 7 most powerful, successful murdon on the planet, making their government a meritocracy. Council members are voted into position but are first required to prove their usefulness to the people. Murdon who offer nothing to better society cannot run for council. Each ruling council member resides in one of the remaining cities.