Planet Zar: Nexus


Population: 000000
Inhabitants: Abyss Born; Amuni, Euclides, Defore | Humans
Other: sddsdss
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Anygh is a small moon in orbit around Zar, parts of which have been terraformed to support life. A single continent surrounded by deep, gaseous oceans lays host to Anygh's inhabitants: The Abyss Born, artificially created organic lifeforms given life by the murdon. Once allowed to wreck havoc on an earth-like planet inhabited by humans, the Abyss Born were brought to their own world in hopes of diminishing strife between the races. They have since formed cultures of their own and are active participants in the Nexus. 


Anygh single continent is split into seven nations:

Anygha: Geographically the smallest, but largely considered the wealthiest and most technologically advanced of the seven nations. Anygha boasts a mixed population of defore, euclides, and amuni, but its government is led by a defore who has taken the title of 'Imperial Master.'

Balada: A large, diverse nation of defore nestled in the hot and humid northern region of Anygh. Abundant in natural resources and diversity of flora and fauna.

Eneis: A desert nation in the north-west, inhabited primarily by amuni.

Orhon: Hotter than Eneis and almost completely devoid of life, this "nation" is little more than badlands of winding canyon systems. It's home to a small, secret city of hybrids and acts as a refuge for those who are otherwise scorned by society.

Sultherem: A rich nation settled in grasslands and temperate rainforest, Sultherem is home to amuni purists and separatists, who detest the other abyss born. They welcome humans with open arms and often act as sanctuary to those who have been trapped on Anygh due to the illegal smuggling of humanoid meat.

Terra: The oldest nation of Anygh, modeled after the victorian-style home the abyss born once inhabited on their original planet. Terra is split into multiple quarters where traditionalist amuni and euclides reside apart from one another, never the 'twain shall meet.

Turacha: A frigid, mountainous region in the south of Anygh, inhabited by a nation of prideful battle-loving euclides.

People & Culture

Anygh is primarily home to the abyss born, a collection of species created by the murdon, resembling earth animals and possessing various magical powers. There are three primary "species" of abyss born:

Euclides, the first to be created, who hold power over souls. They were born to be enemies of humanoids and treat them much as a predator treats prey. Euclides' magic affinities tend toward darker, violent aspects, but occasionally include themes of music and performance.

Amuni were the second to be created, and were made in direct opposition to the euclides. They have an innate desire to protect humanoids and despise euclides on a genetic level. Their magical affinities tend toward protection, healing, and lighter concepts.

Defore were the third to be created, and were done so separate from the euclides and amuni. Defore developed in isolation from their brethren and are attuned to the planet itself. Their magical affinities are related to nature.

There are a handful of other abyss born creations of varied species and alignment, each formed by individual murdon who wanted their turn to play in the sandbox. Their numbers are small compared to the euclides, amuni, and defore.

Humans and other humanoids exist on Anygh, but not often of their own free will. The euclides have formed an illegal trade in humanoid slaves (primarily for the purpose of procuring meat). Those humans that escape can find refuge with amuni, who may be able to return them to their own homeworlds.

Murdon are frequent visitors of the planet and a few have made permanent residence here.

Dragons are becoming a more familiar sight on Anygh with the rise of the Nexus. There are dragon-friendly cities in all nations of Anygh, with suitable weyrs for dragon habitation.

Disturblings are non-sapient companion animals created by a murdon inventor, and resemble living (if somewhat off-putting) stuffed animals. They are a common pet for all abyss born.


Dependent on the nation, technology is primitive to the level of "steam punk." There is no functional electricity or space-age technology available to the abyss born native to Anygh, except through the supervision of murdon. This is to help keep their populations relegated to Anygh where they can do the least amount of damage to humanoids.

Abyss born wishing to relocate or otherwise vacation away from Anygh must do so with the express permission and aid of murdon or other space-faring visitors. Anygh deliberately lacks the required resources to allow invention of space-faring vessels.