Planet Zar: Nexus

Sunfall Island

Population: ~100
Inhabitants: Various

Sunfall isle is a tiny island located on one of Zar's many moons, almost entirely covered in salt water. Sunfall is one of the few naturally occurring plots of land and the past few decades have been dedicated to terraforming it for sapient inhabitants. The colony is just getting its roots in! The population is small and life on Sunfall is peaceful and idyllic... although everyone is meant to pitch in with the elbow grease! Sunfall islanders come in all shapes and sizes - humans, aliens, anthromorphs, and more! The tiny community builds bonds of camaraderie. It doesn't matter if you have tentacles or two-step tango every thursday, you're welcome on Sunfall as long as you're happy to work.

While the colony is still young, ultimately it's meant to be self-sufficient. Currently Sunfall receives regular visits from Zar envoys who bring along any needed provisions or repairs.

Advertisements to move to Sunfall Island are commonplace around Mwari Station, the Refugium, and the inhabited areas of Zar itself.

Sunfall is largely inspired by farming sims such as Harvest Moon, Story of Seasons, and Stardew Valley.

The Fae

Benevolent trickster spirits inhabit every part of Sunfall and the moon it resides on. No one knows for certain what they are or what they do, but offering them gifts often gives you a boon. These spirits have been known to help grow plants, heal sick animals, and open up ore veins in the mountains. Perhaps something exciting will happen if enough people leave offerings for the spirits...

In truth, the spirits are pieces of the moon's living soul. The more good and harmony the residents of Sunfall bring to the moon, the more likely she is to help them terraform the rest of her surface. She can shift her tides and create landmasses to allow Sunfall's population to expand. If she thinks they're worthy of it. 


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