Planet Zar: Nexus


Planet Zar

A small but gravitationally dense planet ravaged to in-hospitality by pollution. It's gorgeous purple atmosphere is an aesthetic side-effect of the voluminous toxic gasses that leave the ground-evel uninhabitable. The home planet of the large, multi-limbed murdon race, who reside in massive towering spires that reach above the poison clouds. Only a few urban centers remain occupied and much of the population relies on supplies from orbiting moons.

Mwari Station

A bustling metropolis in the form of a space station orbiting Zar, boasting a population of millions. Possessing highly advanced technology and a plethora of job opportunities, Mwari Station is a popular residence for many individuals traversing Zar's solar system. While the station's population is largely murdon, thousands of alien races call the satellite home. Mwari Station considers itself a social utopia and takes pride in the care and kindness it shows its residents.


A small moon largely covered in water, inhabited by a collection of murdon-created experiments occasionally referred to as "the legacy" or "abyss born." These creatures live in constant turmoil with one another, with the amuni genetically-predisposed to a desire to protect humans, while the euclides want nothing more than to devour the hairless apes. After centuries these transplanted abominations have formed cultures and histories of their own. Outsiders visit at their own risk.


The result of a series of experimentations by the murdons in order to find a way to set their planet back to rights. Vykeli is home to a magical deer-like creature, the noulicorn, created from genetic manipulation of the moon's now extinct native fauna. The noulicorn were granted a set of magic that allows them to restore and repair the ruined environment of their post-apocalyptic moonscape. Vykeli is carefully guarded by Zar's government and the Heimdall. Visitation is expressly forbidden.


A large planet sharing Zar's solar system, Lomeelas is known for its powerful deity-like figures. War torn, but filled with magic, Lomeelas is a cruel and forbidden planet that rarely boasts outside visitors, while its gods vie for power through bloody cataclysms.


Sunfall isle is a tiny island located on one of Zar's many moons, almost entirely covered in salt water. Sunfall is one of the few naturally occurring plots of land and the past few decades have been dedicated to terraforming it for sapient inhabitants. The colony is just getting its roots in! The population is small and life on Sunfall is peaceful and idyllic... although everyone is meant to pitch in with the elbow grease!

Sails Between Stars

A starship which traveled to the Nexus from a different dimension, importing Mass Effect species and cultures.